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How does a Travel Advisor plan vacations better than the internet?

You will find many articles online and in magazines that try to educate the consumer on the value of a travel advisor. I have even shared quite a few of them myself with my clients. They will tell you about our expertise, experience, contacts, time-saving, money-saving and being there for you if something goes bump in the night. All of that is true but the key reason really comes down to service. A live person can simply take care of you better than a computer can. Here are a few of the questions I may ask my clients:

  • Are you a simple chicken nugget girl or will you try anything?
  • Do you prefer economy or first class, in air and accommodations?
  • On vacation do you resemble a sloth or the energizer bunny?
  • Do you prefer solo or just family, or do you like large groups?
  • Do you like large resorts or small charming boutiques?
  • Do you like sweeping ocean views or mountain vistas?
  • Do you mind the size of a room or is a suite a must?
  • Do you prefer bars and nightlife or cultural sites and museums?
  • Is this your first time out of the country or are you well traveled?
  • Do you prefer a strict schedule or to go with the flow?

By finding out as much as possible about my client’s travel style and what they want to achieve on a particular trip, I am able to plan a vacation that is actually suited just for them.  Does your internet booking site ask you anything besides a credit card number? Of course not. To them you are just a transaction and they don’t care if you book a hotel or tour that is not at all what you really wanted. We all work hard and many people save for vacation all year. Don’t just leave it to chance. You deserve to have someone help you create your dream vacation.

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