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Voluntourism: Giving Back While You Travel

Today’s travelers are choosing vacations that offer just a little bit more- more experiences, more service, more wine and food, more postcard memories.  But there is a growing trend that the more fulfillment they are looking for is found by giving back to others. Volunteering to help others is not new, but doing it while on vacation is somewhat. It is a great way to help out a country or people in need and maybe leave the place a little better than when you arrived. It is also a great way to get to know the people and what their day to day lives are like. And it is a fantastic experience for families to bond, learn, and share with others.

The opportunities to volunteer are endless.  There are many schools, orphanages, and shelters that can use help in South Africa. You can even help just by taking a safari with Micato Safaris who sends a child to school for each safari they sell. Greaves Tours can take you to visit a school for blind children in Mumbai. Crystal Cruises program ” You Care. We Care” offers free volunteer shore excursions at many ports such as rescuing marine animals in Spain and planting trees in Iceland. Shoretrips GIVE program allows you to help at ports while sailing on any cruise line. You can read to preschoolers in Antigua or Aruba, feed the hungry in Barbados or St. Lucia, and help with animals in Mexico or St. Thomas. These are just a few of the chances you have to help.

The next time you plan a vacation, think about giving a little of your time and service to help others.

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