Working with an advisor

What does a travel advisor do? Why should I use one instead of booking things myself?

A travel advisor is a trusted consultant that collaborates with you to find the best options for your travel. While you can book online, I am here to help you weed through all the information overload and offer first hand advice and suggestions. I also have great relationships with many preferred vendors and can offer extra value when you book through me instead of directly. Click here for some of our partners  that offer extra amenities and upgrades through me.  I can save you countless hours of searching and can put together an itinerary that flows smoothly.  I am with you from start to finish ensuring your trip goes off without a hitch. And under the rare circumstance things may go wrong, I am your advocate that works tirelessly to get things corrected.

I am afraid of using an advisor and losing control of my vacation.

The first step in planning a trip is to discover exactly what a client wants. I ask questions and listen carefully to what a client desires and needs on their trip. Everybody’s needs are different and I don’t just offer the same blanket vacations to everyone. I custom design vacations based on what I have learned about a client. I discuss everything with my clients and allow them as much input or control as they want. To plan a trip, you must work together.

What if I don’t really take big trips?

Even people who travel extensively, take a variety of trips. It may be a quick weekend getaway or a detailed three week itinerary throughout Europe. I can help with all of your plans. Even for short trips, I can suggest a place to stay and transfer you from the airport.  Vacations come in all shapes and sizes and I handle them all.

I can’t afford to use an advisor.

Advisors are consultants, just like your lawyer or financial planner. You pay for their advice and expertise. It is the same with a travel advisor. Do not let this discourage you from asking for help. Fees range from $50 -200 for a week long trip. There are many things I book for no charge, like a hotel room or rental car.  You have to weigh the cost of your time with what services and knowledge I bring to the table.

So where do I start?

Contact me to discuss your travel plans! We will talk about dates, things you know about the destination, things you must see, where you have traveled before, budget, types of accommodations you prefer, etc. Once I have a feel for the type of trip you are looking for, we will discuss my fee. If all is agreed, then I will begin planning your trip, while consulting you along the way. Contacting me to ask questions or inquire about my services is always free.


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