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Why I offer Travel Insurance to my clients.

You have dreamed about it forever. You saved your pennies to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip. You book it and start counting the days until you leave. Then the unthinkable happens….

  1. We all have bad things happen to us at some point. Whether you get sick, break a leg, a family member needs you, you lose your job, etc. things can derail a trip at the last minute. Many components of your trip can be non-refundable and  insurance can protect you from having to pay for a trip you can’t take.
  2. It is a fact that airlines do not always run smoothly. Your flight can be delayed, cancelled, or your baggage may be late or lost. Insurance can reimburse you for these inconveniences and help replace what is lost. A voucher issued by an airline that has to be used with them on a future flight is not really the same as having insurance reimburse you so you can use it where you choose.
  3. Many US Medical policies, including Medicare, will not cover patients overseas.  Medical coverage is a major reason I offer insurance. If you are sick, or have a medical emergency while on vacation, insurance helps you get the medical care you need.
  4. Sometimes nature surprises us with a volcano, flood, hurricane, or earthquake that prevents you from traveling. Mother Nature does not always warn us in time to change our plans.

Simply put, Life is unpredictable. Insurance is there to help solve problems that threaten to ruin your vacation.

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