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Travel to try new things

When I travel, I make it a mission to try new things. Obviously the destination in itself is a new experience, but I also really try and push myself to try things out of my comfort zone. I am blessed to have visited a few new places this past year, but I am more proud of what I did while I was there.
For those of you that know me, I do NOT get in the ocean. I am terrified of sharks and just what may be under the water in general. But on a recent trip to Turks and Caicos I was struck by how clear the water was and how I could see everything. The best part was that after watching the water for 4 days, I never saw anything, hardly even a fish. So after not even stepping foot in the ocean for ten or more years, I not only got in the water, but also kayaked in the ocean! I had to have a friend take a picture because I knew my husband and kids would not believe it. It felt so good to face that fear and to have fun in the water like everyone else.
So on my next trip to Jamaica, I took this a little further. The water was not as clear, but I was game anyway. I once again got in the water and this time I tried stand up paddle boarding. I do not suggest trying this for the first time after two rum punches, but it was fun despite the falls. It just felt like such an accomplishment for me. Since I was not great at it on the first try, I am already planning on trying it again in Costa Rica in December. I have to redeem myself.
On each trip this year I have also tried so many new foods. It really gives you a sense of place to try local specialties. In the past couple of months I have tried callaloo, festival, plantains (note- I hate bananas so this was a hard sell for me), guacamole , sushi (yes I was very late to the game on both of these), and mallorca to name a few. I have eaten pretty much anything put in front of me and have enjoyed almost all of it. The food is such a big part of any destination and I have great memories of each trip that revolve around the food. So many of my great memories involve a dinner with friends or a sunset cocktail.
So what next? I am visiting Cost Rica in December and already have plans to rappel a waterfall, walk a wobbly bridge (the name alone makes me dizzy), zip line, and take a mud bath.
I would love to hear some of your adventures too!

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