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I am now an Aman Junkie!


View from my villa bedroom at Amanyara

I just returned from 4 days at Amanyara in Turks and Caicos.  This was the most peaceful and relaxing vacation I think I have ever had- at least since having kids! The property is secluded, private, absolutely gorgeous and has impeccable service. And the water on this island is brilliant turquoise and so still that it almost looks like glass. Stunning! The villas are designed with a central living area surrounded by infinity and reflecting pools with individual rooms scattered around for privacy. The bedrooms have 3 full glass walls for seamless views of the outside. The villas also come with your own chef and host and the level of service is just outstanding. I have simply never felt so pampered in my life. Homemade guacamole for a snack, mojitos by the pool, my laundry done while I am at the beach. I could get used to this!


One of the four bedrooms at Villa 30

So now that I am spoiled for life, I simply have to visit other Aman properties. Next on my list is the spectacular  Amangiri. I discovered they have a die hard fan base known as Aman Junkies. There is no set number of properties to visit to become an official junkie, but word has it that after 5 (and some say 7) visits, that you are gifted with an Aman Junkie tshirt.  This tshirt is now on my bucket list!  Are you an Aman Junkie too??


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